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A writing challenge that I'm hosting on my fanfiction.net profile  
08:37am 11/05/2014

NOTE: I want to issue a writers’ challenge to make femslash this summer (2014). I will try and post a chapter of something every week. What I’d like to see is other people writing as well. If you want to keep it short, try this:

  • Write a short story that is inspired by a song, movie, or book title, or the lyrics of a song, but is NOT a song fic. Keep it between 2000 and 7500 words

  • PM me with a link to your work. I might add it to my Community, but keep in mind it needs to be good and it needs to be easy to follow even if I don't know your fandom.

To find inspiring titles you can do something as easy as going through your ITunes. I did that with mine and got the following list of titles that gave me hints of an idea. Feel free to borrow:

Inspiring Song Titles on MY Ipod (Just a few to give you the idea)

Abracadabra Affairs of the heart After midnight After the glitter fades

Against the wind All American girl All by myself All fired up

All I do is dream of you All I want to do is make love to you All kinds of kinds

Alpha beta parking lot Another brick in the wall

Bad reputation Baddest of the bad Ballroom blitz Be a man

Beam me up Beautiful disaster Bed of lies Behind closed doors

Better days Big balls Bleed to love her Blurred lines

Born this way Boulevard of broken dreams Brand new day

Careless talk Cell Block Tango Chain Reaction Change of Heart

Come to my window Come undone Conversations with my 13 year old self

Crazy ex-girlfriend Comfortably Numb Cupid’s got a shotgun

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I'm working on my writing sample and I need your opinion  
09:02am 30/10/2013
I have four stories or chapters I could submit for my MFA application.  Two I'm pretty sure about, and the third is a toss up between the first chapter of Tossing Stones OR my short story Last Call for Alcohol.  I'd love people's opinions on this.  Of course, I will edit the work before sending it on.  I thought I was better off with Last Call, but my brother thinks my main character is not likeable.

Tossing Stones: this would only be the first chapter

Last Call for Alcohol
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A convention, haven't done that in forever  
06:33pm 26/03/2013
When I was signing up for a Science Fiction class the teacher told me about a convention going on this weekend and so I signed up to go.  I haven't been to a con in forever, sadly none of my friends are going so I'll have to talk to strangers at a very strange place, but the sessions look amazing.  It's NorWesCon.

Why does a sci fi and fantasy convention have sessions on polyamory and bdsm?  And why did they have to compete with the writing sessions?  damn the schedulers.  lol
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I need reader opinion desperately  
03:38pm 20/01/2013
Okay, I'm considering applying to MFA programs for creative writing.  They all want 10 - 40 pages of my best work and I can and will polish up something for them, but what is my best work?  I want to send them the first 10 - 40 pages (they all ask for a different amount) of a story I have already and can start editing now and I can and will edit and rewrite it so it seems like it isn't fanfiction, but can we get a voting here on what story I should use?

Alone is rather young adult, but it would be the easiest to rewrite out of the fandom, but I really want to not be considered a young adult writer in school for years

Rebuilding could be rewritten to be a romance, more adult, even the talking is a bit adult level

Tossing stones is my latest work, I was a better writer by then, but it is a character that 'knows' the world she's in.  I don't know how that will fly with the admissions people.

Sadly Christy Taylor is so very established I can't see using any of her stories, her 'know it all' powers are a bit hard to write out.  I think I'd have an easier time revamping tossing stones than any christy story
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wrong text  
04:09pm 25/03/2012
I'm having an amusing time with my phone lately.  Some high school girl has given my number as her own, or has horrible handwriting.  I have a few young men texting me now.  It's hilarious.  I keep telling them they have the wrong number right away now, because one day I ignored it and I learned my lesson.

I got a picture of the young man, topless, showing off muscles.  I glanced at it and rolled my eyes at the fact that the girl was sending out my number again.  He sent another shot a few hours later, again I was busy and just went about my business, hoping she'd see him and tell him she wasn't getting the love shots, when damnnnnn he sent some xrated stuff to me and I couldn't make myself reply to that one.  I waited until the next day when he texted a message to tell him it was the wrong number.

Now my muse is filled with amusing ideas of text messaging hell.  I'd love it if other people latch onto this and create ficlets of wrong numbers.  Here is my contribution:



The meeting was going on forever, and Fox sighed quietly as it had no hint of an end.  Glancing down at her new phone she punched in some numbers, since she hadn’t had time to program her contacts in yet.

“I am so bored I could cry.  You owe me big time big boy.”  Hitting send she looked up as if paying attention for a moment, but the speaker in front of the room was oblivious to the fact she was horrifically boring.  Her eyes moved back down to her phone.  “I’m thinking whip cream, soft music and some lovely restraints.”  She sent it off, finding herself just a little less bored.

She had to pay attention for a moment, and typed in some notes from the presentation into her phone for later, but it was a brief moment of something relevant and then the speaker was on another tangent of nothingness.  “How about you lick that whip cream off my body?  I shaved last night, so I should be smooth and soft for your tongue.”  It was hard not to grin wickedly, but a smile in this meeting would be very suspicious.

Fox took a moment to glance around the room as the speaker passed out some handouts she wanted everyone to have.  Her father was sitting across from her at the table, representing his company and giving her a slightly scolding look for having her phone out, but hey, she used it to take notes too.  A few other dreary people were there, and one other redhead, who gave Fox an odd raised eyebrow when she caught Fox glancing at her.

“So as you can see.”  The woman continued to drone on and Fox glanced at the papers she’d been given, while moving her phone into place to continue texting.

“D. is here.  You didn’t tell me she’d be here.”  Fox texted and then glanced up at Ms. Destine, who was watching the presentation with a lot more interest than Fox had.  “God she looks good in red.  If you hadn’t swept me up and married me I’d be courting your competitor.”  David deserved that comment for putting her in this meeting.  She was never going to do a favor like this again.  “Damn, if I was a man I’d be as hard as stone, look at that cleavage.”  Fox maneuvered carefully to get a picture of the opening of Demona’s shirt.  In human form she wore more, but it seemed like less when she undid a few buttons.

With a heavy sigh Fox put the phone down for a moment as they had to talk and give opinions.  Sadly the opinion that this woman was boring wasn’t appropriate.  She agreed that the new organization had some good ideas and that David would love to look over the plans to see how he might help.  It was a bad idea to pass when Nightstone had already agreed, though it must have bothered Demona to agree, she’d played with the collar of her shirt distractedly and seemed thrilled when the talking was over.

It felt like recess as a child, Fox was so happy the meeting was called to an end and she put the papers she’d collected into her attaché, and pulled her phone out to see if David had responded yet.

“You have the wrong number.”  A feminine voice spoke over her shoulder.  Fox glanced back to see Demona walking away, and then looked down at her phone to see a picture of herself sitting in the meeting they were just leaving.

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remodeling and decorating takes time and $  
06:42pm 11/07/2011

Okay, I started with wanting more light so I paid a lot for a new window.  Then I needed to change up my furniture, paint, get new art for the walls, and the list goes on.  Making changes in a room snowballs out of control way too easily and also starts to affect other rooms where you think this or that will look better in, until you find yourself decorating another room as well.  When will this end?!

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New Dog - Help me name him.  
09:14pm 30/12/2010
I'm getting a new dog Saturday.  He's a nine month old Shiba Inu.  Now he seems sweet and all, and so far my first complaint about the poor puppy is that he was named 'andy'.  I want to change his name, I know too many Andy's to have a dog called that.   I looked at all the typical rhymes, like Sandy, Tandy, etc and they all don't work.  I'm looking for a word or name I can use that sounds just a little like 'Andy" so that he'll get used to the new name quickly.  Any ideas?  I'm giving up on rhymes, as they weren't working and that just makes this all the harder.
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yep, gallstones, I knew it  
10:16pm 12/12/2010
invisible, tiny, some drs doubted they were there, but I had faith and when they pulled that useless gallbladder out of my body, they found stones.  I'm happy about that, because I now feel like I did the right thing deciding to go through with the surgery.  Last Monday I reported in at o dark thirty for my surgery and it was fine.  I hated the nausea I had when I woke up, but the pain was easily managed by my vicodin.  I'm going back to work tomorrow, and I regret that a bit.  I'm finally feeling mostly okay, I'm on ibuprofen now, and it would have been nice to have some 'sick days' without actually being sick.  I may 'take it easy' and just work part time for a few more days, as i do still have some pain, and I am more tired than I should be, but all is mostly good.

My hope is that with this proof that stones are the culprit, I"ll find a dr to tell me I can go ahead and have my mexican food again.  I'm still on a low fat diet, until further notice.

On a sad note, and a strangely timed one, when I got home from surgery my family dog had a swollen face.  My brother took her to the vet and I was still heavily messed up from vicodin and the anesthetic when I found out she was dying from leukemia.    He brought her home and she died in her sleep three days later, while I was away for the first time since surgery.  My dad was with her though, so she wasn't alone.  I've been on pain medicine the entire time and I found that it helped me deal with emotional hurt too, because crying would have hurt my incisions, so with the drugs and my determination, I took that loss stone faced.
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Medical stuff alert  
10:40pm 03/12/2010
Okay, I don't know enough about medicine to be too technical, so my gallbladder is a lazy good for nothing bum, and my pancreas is an overreactive bitch.  Since Mid October I've been hospitalized with what I still think of as a gallbladder attack, and an inflammed pancreas, and then released to wait for surgery.  They looked, god they looked in three ways and I have no gallstones, but my gallbladder was so lazy that it couldn't even do the Hida test properly the last time I took one. 

A bum gallbladder would be able to cause pancreas issues, so when it was clear mine was useless I thought this was easy as could be, we'd blame that bastard and evict it.  Surgery is lined up for Monday morning, and it's my first surgery but before today I'd been confident and relatively okay with it.  Today was the day I met the 'substitute' surgeon, as the man I had been talking with is on vacation and couldn't fit me in before he left.

I was bombarded with the pessimistic warnings of possible complications, told that even though my gallbladder was useless, it might not be the cause of the pancreas issues and I'd still have that after this, and that I would have to keep my low fat diet (so low fat I basically eat chicken and turkey and little else).  I had talked to other drs, people who'd had gallbladder issues, and was under the impression this was a routine surgery that would enable me to eat mexican food again and stop future gallbladder attacks.  Now I wonder if the pain of the surgery will have any payoff for me, and that sucks.

Not to mention, I remember talking about horrible pain and the incredible nausea of my gallbladder attacks, remember in detail what I did while they happened, but I don't remember the pain or nausea, can't remember feeling it.  My mind blocked it out, and since the past month and a half with my rigid diet has gone well, I find myself wondering if I should even bother with the surgery. 

I'm scheduled for very early Monday morning, it's a bit too late to doubt myself now, but now I'm a bit of a wreck, all because of one dr, when I'd talked to a few others that agreed removing that gallbladder would help.  I can't tell if I should chalk him up to the odd dissenter, or if he's the voice of reason, but I want him to be a good surgeon and a bad judge of this situation.  I need to trust him to be good at the operation, while I hope his judgement in this is flawed and that isn't really a comfortable place to be.

I don't know any drs to call on the weekend to help me with my crisis of faith, or my chickening out, but I wish I did.  Uncertainty is painful for me.  I know I'm gonna go through with this, but I miss the confidence I had in my decision.
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My first hospital stay  
10:19am 26/10/2010
I have had some pain and illness, and then on friday I was admitted to a hospital.  It is weird being in here, and it was odd how I adjusted to not being allowed to eat for days on end.  I just had my second meal since last Wednesday and so far so good.  Now to see if my pancreas and gallbladder agree with me over some time.  If you are waiting for story updates, I think this excuse is more than sufficient.
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